Unit 6 is the only Part 2 design unit in the UK teaching directly the principles and application of the classical language. A classical building is a world within the world. It is not meekly contextual but a statement of ideals. When these ideals face inevitable constraints surprising and delightful spaces result. A classical building is a descendant of a very broad family encompassing an enormous range of buildings: from small to very large; modest to opulent; old to new; and from serious to playful.

This year we will investigate the means by which a contemporary facade might have a monumental expression; an overall order within which relief is used to adapt its nature to circumstances of scale and proximity. Students will work on designs for a large building in London, focussing intensively on the facade and on an interior room for eating and drinking in; a pub or dining room (offering temporal and bodily relief!)

Our investigations will be intensively tectonic and necessarily deeply engaged with the nature and qualities of construction materials. We will continue Unit 6’s exploration of colour, surface and lettering. We are interested in spaces of comfort, delight and festivity. Our buildings will make the external fabric of the city, and offer an internal world of public festivity.