Car Park to Cosmos

Car Park to Cosmos

The studio is about Architecture and Cosmos. Modernism taught us we are organisms, dependent on our environment for our survival. Postmodernism taught us we are global citizens, politically, economically, ecologically and unavoidably connected to events taking place locally and all around the world. Cosmism tries to teach us about our inter-stellar connectivity, to think and feel our entanglements with the deep matter, waves, particles, stars and exploding galaxies of the cosmos.

Studio DS2(06) launches on the fiction of an International Institute of Cosmism (IIC) that plans to build a prototype development in the environmental context of Stevenage Railway Station. Stevenage is a new town, it is located north of London, on the edge of the Green Belt and can be reached by train from central London, with a journey time of only 20/30 minutes. The station is located on the Western edge of the town. It is a bridging structure, spanning above the rail tracks, over a dual carriageway and through the leisure centre building. The station acts as a gateway and a bridge, connecting the bus station and historic New Town centre to the East with Stevenage Leisure Park and the Industrial Area to the West. The IIC plan to construct two separate buildings. The first will be to the east of the station, programmed as a museological installation space and annex to the local museum. The second will be on the more challenging site west of the station, in the Leisure Park, asking for a new programme to be invented, a Cosmist Cinema and Art Space, primarily a place of work. The IIC need imaginative and talented young architects to work on the project and the teaching and learning of this studio is conceived as a training ground for just such individuals.

Car Park to Cosmos a selection of animations

A Trainspotter Station for Stevenage Station



Zienab Ahmed, Juliana Antunes, Maryam Babayava, Lucie Barnes, Eloise Baxter, Shahida Begum, Simran Dovedi, Selim Elleithy, Jelena Jablockina, Thomas McLucas, Aisha Nadim, Alexandru Oltean, Jay Patel, Tereza Vesela, Sofia Y. Perteagudo, Ugne Valenciute, Youssef Turki

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