Allotments, festivals and the ‘Factory of Futures’

Allotments, festivals and the ‘Factory of Futures’

Unit 5 will continue to promote the power of collaboration and hands-on making. We will collectively engage with our neighbours, a community allotment project in Tolworth, working closely with ‘The Community Brain’, a Surbiton Community Interest Company and their local centre, the ‘Museum of Futures’.

The year will be structured in the following three stages:

1. Allotments

We will research the history and narratives of allotments. We will cultivate the ground and record our findings. We will document, catalogue and archive allotment sheds and the stories of their owners. We will visit Berlin, where allotments and community gardens are knitted into the fabric of mainstream society. With support from the Greater London Authority’s ‘Good Growth by Design’ we will rebuild a flat packed allotment exemplar at 1:1 scale. It is hoped that this shed will travel to garden festivals as a symbol for positive change driven by a rich past.

2. Festival architecture

We will research festivals and the historic relationship between festivals, the changing seasons and agriculture. We will research festival architecture, focusing on the scale, quality and materiality of Japanese festival architecture. We will visit Lewes for their annual Bonfire Night. This will be the catalyst for the design and fabrication of a suburban Yatai, a mobile festival stall, to store and serve produce from allotments. We will involve the allotment community in the making process. The Yatai will feature at the Seething Festival in February.

3. Factory of Futures

For the main thesis project students will choose an under-used area or site within the Kingston/ Surbiton area and develop a brief, design and detail a community based building, a suburban centre for community production – ‘Factory of Futures’.




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