The Architecture Schools Database is a new digital platform designed to showcase the work of architecture schools from across the world.

The free-to-access website provides a searchable aggregator of the design studios and research projects being undertaken in schools where architecture is taught in English. The database allows academics and students to give their work a prominent public face and to discover colleagues with shared research interests. It forms a valuable resource for prospective students considering where to study and, having been designed so that entries from past years will remain available to view, it will grow into a significant historic archive.

Top Tips:

Filtered Search Tool

Our powerful search engine allows users to filter their searches by:

  • Theme
  • Site
  • School
  • Year

Filtered search

This means you can look at what projects and briefs schools of architecture are exploring currently but also, importantly, you can highlight groupings of projects looking at the same locations or topics from different schools. This is an important feature, providing an opportunity for students and staff to highlight intersections with schools that they didn’t know existed and hopefully start new shared conversations.


The filtered search engine works because all the items uploaded are tagged with keywords or ‘Themes’. It is really important to tag your brief with lots of keywords when you upload it, and also to tag it, where appropriate, using a Theme that already exists. This is the best way to highlight the sites of overlap between the briefs at the different schools of architecture.

The most popular themes are:

  • Housing
  • Urban
  • Technology
  • Community
  • Narrative

Once you’ve uploaded your brief and tagged it with Themes, try clicking on one of them and see which other projects have used the same Theme!



We hope that with time the database will grow to become an online archive of the work of students and staff working in architecture schools. Student drawings and photos can be uploaded to sit alongside the brief to show what projects were developed in response to its ideas and Themes. This means that the database creates an archive of each iteration of a studio unit and also of the student work produced each year.

AA Museum Lab exhibition photo

AA Museum Lab, 2016 – 17


If you have questions or comments about the database please write to Rosie Gibbs-Stevenson on rosie@architecturefoundation.org.uk