Vanity Publishing: Turncoats captured in sketches

Two architects were sketching in the audience of the debate. Here's what they drew

Last night's Turncoats hosted by Second Home was a blast. All digital recording equipment including phones was banned from the auditorium but two architects were in the audience sketching furiously. 

Comedian Joe Sutherland opens proceedings. (Andra Antone)

Opening speaker Catherine Slessor spills the beans on vanity publishing. (Peter Cross)

Jack Self sarcastically reflects on the unassailable wisdom of the crowd. (Peter Cross)

Co-host, Maria Smith encourages the audience to park their prejudices and play devil's advocate. (Peter Cross)


Above. Cath Slessor and Oliver Wainwright tear into the publishing world. (Andra Antone)

Oliver Wainwright on what the public want. (Peter Cross)

Co-host Phineas Harper sports gold earrings. (Peter Cross)

Shots in the dark. (Peter Cross)



Comedian Joe Sutherland bravely rocked a fur coat until it got too hot.