InsideFlows: DIY Speaker Workshop with Technology Will Save Us

Tues 16 July 2013, 6.30-9.30pm

  • A wine box speaker

'Superuse' materials and objects of your own choosing as DIY loudspeakers, in this special workshop with Technology Will Save Us.

On the occasion of the InsideFlows exhibition, Technology Will Save Us – "a haberdashery for technology and education dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology" – will lead a small group through the process of transforming pretty much anything the maker desires into a functioning speaker. TWSU's resident expert sound engineer will guide the group to understand the best way to get the best audio response from theirmaterial choices. Participants will solder a bespoke amplifier and attach it to a pair of exciters, to create a DIY, battery operated boombox, the potential for which is only limited to the maker's imagination...

Participants will be provided with all necessary electronic components, plus snacks and refreshments, and should bring a range of objects and materials they wish to explore transforming into a functioning loudspeaker.

Notes to participants:

- Light and rigid materials carry sound most effectively. So, polystyrene, cardboard, and paper plates are some excellent materials for speaker making; but feel free to experiment!