Good News From Nowhere: Shops, Buildings, Constructions

Wed 11 December 2013, 7pm

  • Neighbourhood Shop in Brezoi, Romania. Courtesy

An evening panel discussion exploring trade and economy as a broad and diverse socio-cultural activity and the spatial constructions it requires and creates both locally and trans-locally. How much architecture is required and what kind of constructions can support diverse economies, which co-exist in the context of a dominating capitalist economy? The discussion will bring into dialogue a wide range of experts involved in research and practice-based projects that look at economies in relation to organisations, buildings and participation.

Speakers will include David Boyle, Fellow of the New Weather Institute and New Economics Foundation, London; Doina Petrescu, architect, co-founder atelier d'architecture autogérée and Professor of Architecture, University of Sheffield; and Barbara Steiner, curator and writer, Leipzig. The discussion will be chaired by Kathrin Böhm, founder.