No Stop, Statue, Machine

Saturdays at 3pm, throughout the exhibition

  • No Stop Statue Machine, Melissa Appleton, Matthew Butcher and Edwin Burdis, 2011, 12 mins

A sound and film work by Melissa Appleton, Matthew Butcher and artist Edwin Burdis, that presents a psychedelic cityscape where buildings weep, infrastructures conduct people’s thoughts and staircases become machines for endless exercise, as fragments of a familiar city are anthropomorphized and abstracted to form an assemblage of characters, props and sets.

Film: Melissa Appleton, Edwin Burdis and Matthew Butcher, 2011, 12 mins
Cinematography: Giulietta Verdon-Roe
Editing: Michael Aaglund
Voices: Kieron Livingstone & Antoinette Fernandez
Typography: Mark El-Khatib