On Film: The Leicester Engineering Building

Thurs 14 April 2011 7pm

A special screening of archival and contemporary footage will explore the different ways in which the Leicester Engineering Building has been represented on film over its fifty years history. 

This event will include original 1965 BBC footage, extracts from Ron Park's 1973 Jim Stirling's Architecture, sequences from James Stirling's 1976 lecture at Sci-Arc, as well as new timelapses that re-examine the famous solid and void relationships of the architecture and more. An introductory talk will consider the various phenomenological and formal qualities of the building, and raise larger questions of the future of architecture on film, especially pertinent to the video-based exhibition where the screening will take place.

The evening will end with one-off screenings of works by artist Cyprien Gaillard to offer a contemporary take on Brutalist architecture and utopian settings on film (with thanks to Laura Bartlett Gallery).


Richard Rogers, Mark Darbon, Lennart Grut, Ivan Harbour and Michael Davies, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 

The Thames Wharf Charitable Trust

J Robert Hillier