Stratford Kiosks Competition Q&A

All questions should be emailed to the AF by Friday 20 August 2010.

All questions and answers will be made public and posted below.

The AF will not respond to inquiries by telephone or to any entrants on an individual basis.

Entrants must not contact The AF, the London Borough of Newham, Design for London or any members of the competition Jury during the competition period.

Q: Will a dwg of the proposed site be provided?
A: This has been uploaded here

Q: Will a site plan with key be provided? The current available site plan shows a red lined area, are we to assume this is the site? Is there any site dimensions to this red lined area?
A: The red outline shows the boundary of the site. A dwg showing this has been uploaded here

Q: Please could you confirm if the registration form should be sent as part of the submission by 03 September, or if it should be sent in advance?
A: The registration from should be sent in a sealed envelope, alongside the submission.

Q: I'm a chilean architect and i will like to know if the competition its open to architects from all over the world and in my specific case, am i eligible?
A: International entries will be accepted with proof of qualification.

Q: We are a French architecture firm looking forward to participate in the Startford Kiosks Competition. We have a few questions about the eligibility since we want to make sure we can participate. In the brief, we read that each team must contain at least one member with a valid and professional built environment qualification (ARB, CEing, RICS or similar). We were wondering if this was mandatory or just optional since the competiton is also open to students.
A: The competition is open to students, however if a team to include students is formed, one member of the team must have a valid and professional built environment qualification.

Q: The deadline for submission fixed for September 3th, it means the parcel will reach you by this date or should be sent by this date and can reach after?
A: All entries should arrive at the AF by 3 September.

Q: I would like to know how to submit the work; are you planning to receive physical boards, or by online?
A: Only physical entries will be accepted. Online submissions will not be accepted.

Q: Is there any limitation or rules for the quantity of kiosk(s)?
A: This is open to interpretation.

Q:For informing affairs, are existence of ones as a staff(s) in the kiosk(s) mandatory ? Or this job could be done by software facilities?
A: This is open to interpretation.

Q: Please could you confirm whether there are any exclusivity issues with this, ie. would it be possible for us to provide engineering design support to more than one architect-led team?
A: There are no exclusivity issues with providing engineering support for more than one submission.

Q: Does the budget include Café and WC ?
A: The budget includes both the Café and WC.

Q: Could you describe the difference between the 175m2 current footprint outline and the 250m2 maximum extent. Should the proposed schemes remain within the 175m footprint, with (for example)canopies or seating areas allowed within a 250m2 footprint, when in use. Or is this open to our own interpretation?
A: This is open to interpretation.

Q: What exactly is Robert the Train as noted on the PDF site plan?
A: Click here for information on 'Robert the Engine'.

Q: With reference to Appendix 6.9 ‘Bus Station Reference Heights' is it necessary for proposals to conform to these requirements (e.g. no objects within 550mm of kerb-line)?
A: These requirements should be referenced in proposals.

Q: I have studied the site plan drawing that you have uploaded and there is no scale in the drawing to give us a sense of dimensions. If I measure the drawing assuming it is on a 1:1 scale, there seems to be a conflict with the scale given on the pdf for the same drawing. Can you please confirm the scale?
A: The CAD drawing is at 1:1 scale in millimetres. It does not match the PDF because the PDF is a scaled drawing for printing. The dwg. drawings provided are true scale.

Q: The 2D Survey and site drawing provided do not match. Please advice.
A: When downloaded and overlaid, they 'match' as they should. The kerb lines will not line up because of the space we are gained from the bus station - the survey kerb will look different to the proposed kerb.

Q: Please advice north point and scale on the survey drawing.
A: The Survey drawing is orientated true north (OS north) refer to to the title blocks which are included in the CAD Topo drawings. The Survey is in Metres, true scale.

Q: Could an indicative schedule of accommodation be provided to competitors to help establish the required sizes of the different components of the brief?
A: See Section 1.4 of the brief. This is open to interpretation.

Q: Will the existing trees in the centre of Meridian square be retained? Could a Kiosk proposal incorporate landscaping?
A: Existing trees will be relocated off site. Proposals can include landscaping.

Q: Could you please clarify the difference between the gross floor area (175m2) and the maximum extent of the GFA (250m2). We are confused further by with the gross floor area on the CAD drawing amounting to approximately 155m2.
A: The red outline indicates the main mass of the kiosks. Entrants can propose designs which slightly overlap the boundary, whilst maintaining the extended pedestrian thoroughfare. 

Q: Is there a height restriction?
A: See Section 1.5.1 of the brief. There is no height restriction, however site-lines through to the bus station should be maintained for way-finding purposes.

Q: Will the existing trees in the centre of Meridian square be retained? Could a kiosk proposal incorporate landscaping?
A: Existing trees will be relocated off site. Proposals can include landscaping.

Q: How much foot traffic is expected for the Olympics?
A: There will be an expected 80,000 visitors a day moving through Meridian Square during the Olympics. 

Q: Does the kiosk design need to be one continuous mass or can it be broken up into several masses?
A: See Section 1.5.1. The kiosk design can be either, however it must conform to the security and safety requirements. 

Q: One of our questions has been answered on the competition website however it unfortunately does not offer the clarification we had hoped for. With regard to Appendix 6.9 it is suggested this document is ‘referenced in our proposals', however what remains unclear to us is whether reference actually means comply. If so this would suggest that although the red line boundary seemingly goes to the kerb edge the first 550mm of this should not be occupied and furthermore any structure should be circa a further metre back from this. This would appear to be an onerous requirement given the thin linear nature of the site area - is this understanding correct?
A: Please refer to section 1.5.1 of the brief, technical considerations, and other questions relating to site boundaries.Q: The competition brief mentions a large scale LED display, that could possibly be integrated in the kiosk. What kind of display should we consider: is it like a large television set, or a stadium sized display? Could you give some indication what size it should be?
A: This is open to interpretation.

Q: The brief mentions that the display faces the bus station. Exactly which direction is this, facing the buses arriving, towards the canopy, or to the people arriving at the square from Stratford city centre?
A: Facing the buses arriving, towards the canopy.

Q: Should the costs of the LED-display figure in the budget, or will it be leased?
A: This is open to interpretation.

Q: I am a member of The Architecture Foundation but some of my competition team are not. Is subscription still free?
A: If the person named on the registration form is an AF member, registration is free.

Q: The 2 A1 boards: do they need to be mounted or can they be delivered as a roll?
A: These should be mounted.

Q:The registration form calls for the boards etc to be included and the submission requirements calls for the submission form to be included. How do I register before the first but submit later, before the third?
A: The deadline for registration payment is 1 September. The registration form should be submitted alongside the submission, by 3 September.

Q: Please, does the submission (boards, report) need to be marked with a code such as payment confirmation (transaction ID)?
A: The submission should not be marked in any way, but should arrive with the registration form attached. This will be separated internally. The transaction ID should be marked on the registration form.Q: In the brief, we read that each team must contain at least one member with a valid and professional built environment qualification (ARB, CEing, RICS or similar). We are Architecture graduates from New York City. Would we need a UK registered Architect? Or would a US Architect qualify?
A: A US architect qualifies.

Q: Is the Bound Report (2.4 Submission requirements) allowed to use further images to explain the project than those already included within the A1 presentation boards? You do state that the boards and report should include further explanation but could you clarify whether this is just confined to the boards?
A: Additional images may be used in the report.

Q: I review the brief and understand that there is requirement to accommodate LBN (London Borough of Newham) before and during the Olympic period. Does this mean we can assume the space in our design that was previously allowed for LBN can be complete removed from the kiosk during post Olympic and accommodate a complete different function/usage? There is no requirement to leave any scope for LBN during post Olympic?
A: This is open to interpretation.

Q: I have a question about the submission format. Does these two items have to be made in any specified orientation? Landscape or portrait?
- 2 x A1 boards
- Bound report up to 10 sides A4 paper
A: There is no specified orientation for these.

Q: I am a registered practicing architect from India.I would like to know if Im eligible to participate in the competition.
A: You are eligible.

Q: Large scale LED display is going to be provided by Olympic? i.e Not a part of the budget ?
A: Depending on the scale of the screen, additional funding may need to be sought.

Q: During the recent site visit it was noted that the trees currently located in the pedestrianised area adjacent to the future Kiosk site will be relocated.
Many of the entrants will use the photos for visualisation, however all the trees have leaves on in the available photos, thus blocking out large parts of context.
Since it is not possible to make up large areas of context in photo editing software, I asked Studio Egret West (or anyone else) if they had photos when the leaves are not on the trees. SEW recognised the problem and thought they might have some available.
A: Unfortunately SEW do not have additional images.