The Oikos Project

19 June - 9 October 2010

  • Image courtesy Maja Myslaborska

Oikos (pronounced ee-kos) is the root word of economy and ecology.

The Architecture Foundation in collaboration with progressive theatre production company the Red Room created a live build project (initiated during the London Festival of Architecture) commissioning Berlin-based practice, Köbberling & Kaltwasser to create a theatre made completely from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Visitors to the Festival were invited to donate materials for the build of 'The Jelly Fish Theatre' and were also able to give a helping hand in the construction process with Martin Kaltwasser.

The theatre will remain in Southwark and will be programmed with a series of plays focusing on climate change and our present society especially commissioned, produced and directed by the Red Room.

For further information, including play listings, please visit the Oikos Project website

Performances in The Jelly Fish Theatre:

OIKOS by Simon Wu: 26 August – 18 September
PROTOZOA by Kay Adshead: 23 September – 9 October


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In partnership with

The Red Room

The Junction



Sponsored by

The Arts Council England

Unity Theatre Trust


This project is also made possible by the kind support of M3 Consulting and Adams Kara Taylor.