Agency and Activism: The Yale Building Project

Tues 24 November 2009 6.30pm

  • Richard W. Hayes lecture, chaired by Anne Markey
  • Richard W. Hayes lecture, chaired by Anne Markey
  • The Yale Building Project, the First 40 Years

A lecture by Richard W. Hayes

Chaired by Anne Markey, Director, ASD Projects, London Metropolitan University

First initiated in 1967, to the backdrop of 60’s student activism and governmental reforms that sought to establish a more just, Great Society, in America, the Yale Building Project was developed as a forerunner to today’s design-build academic programmes, and has enabled several generations of Yale University students to oversee the design and construction of live-projects dedicated to those at the margins; emphasising the significance of architecture as social contribution, dialogue and built form.

From a health clinic in rural Appalachia, to affordable housing in New Haven, from floating recreation areas in Kentucky, to current collaborations with Common Ground  - this important and influential project’s genesis and history will be described by architect and architectural historian Richard W. Hayes, author of The Yale Building Project: The First 40 Years.


This event is supported in part through the generosity of the Yale School of Architecture