London_Rome: Work in Process

Carmody Groarke
Time Scale
12 February - 5 March 2009

As part of the programme London_Rome: Work in Process, Carmody Groarke will construct a wood installation that transports the character of their studio in London into the gallery at the British School at Rome.

Characteristic of the practice is the diversity of typology, scale and lifespan of their projects. Their work deals with a specific interest and approach to context of the place and use which is intrinsically linked to the longevity of each particular project. The exhibition "Time Scale" intends to present a number of projects in relation to their lifespan. Projects exhibited range from competitions that exist as temporary ideas to 3 day temporary pavilions for the London Festival of Architecture 2008 to the 7th July Memorial that has a design life of two hundred and fifty years. Models, sketches and photographs of the work will be arranged in order of the timescale of the project and the design life of the idea within the studio.

Carmody Groarke is a London based architectural practice established in 2006 by Kevin Carmody and Andrew Groarke. A strong emphasis is given to a critical design process within the studio. The practice resists predetermining architectural solutions to projects prior to thorough investigations into each unique situation. Each project begins with a specific approach to light, space and materiality, with the aim of grounding each design in a clear architectural idea. Carmody Groake frequently work in collaboration with artists, including Antony Gormley, Julian Opie and Carsten Holler.