London_Rome: Work in Process

Cultural Approaches
18 November - 6 December 2008

"AOC is committed to exploring and enriching the relationship between you and the complex, messy world that surrounds you... AOC is about making things. Some of these things are buildings. Not all of them though. We can design you a home, write you a book or build you a city. Or design you a book, build you a home and write you a city." AOC

The lecture and exhibition "Cultural Approaches" by the London practice AOC is part of a series of lectures and exhibitions on the theme London_Rome: Work in Process at the British School at Rome.

Seven projects which each take a triptych form are exhibited in this show, which displays them in a series of interactive wall drawings, working diagrams and photographs. Each project is concerned to demonstrate how architecture makes its contribution to culture by forming spaces for exhibition, discussion and enjoyment, through paying the closest attention to the brief by creating communicative and suggestive forms, and by the dynamic use of the space. AOC will also be presenting films and a slide show selection of their work.

AOC is a practice made up of architects, urbanists and interpreters, established in 2003 by Tom Coward, Daisy Froud, Vincent Lacovara and Geoff Shearcroft. Characteristic of AOC is an interdisciplinary, interactive approach to their work. Winners of numerous awards in the UK, this is AOC's first solo exhibition of their work.


AOC exhibition in Rome