Architecture + Art : Crossover and Collaboration

Steven Holl and Vito Acconci
11 June 2009, 7.00pm

Steven Holl and Vito Acconci
Chaired by Joseph Grima, Director, Storefront for Art and Architecture

Stephen Holl and Vito Acconci’s collaboration on the façade of New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture set an important precedent for agendas of hybrid practice and collaboration, in-line with Storefront’s own programme as a gallery. Twelve pivoting panels replaced the front of the building entirely, dissolving it into the street and allowing for multiple combinations and forms. The facade has recently been renovated and the project’s significance preserved for the future as an important urban landmark.

A significant conversation on collaboration, between Holl, the man Time Magazine has dubbed ‘America’s Best Architect,’ and Acconci, the prototypical artist-turned-architect.

Image: Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York City.
© Paul Warchol