Amelia Street

The Architecture Foundation is working alongside urban development and investment company, First Base, to run a competition to choose an architect for the transformation of the public realm in the area adjoining the proposed ‘Printworks’ development on Amelia Street, London, adjacent to the Pullens Estate. It is recognised that there is an opportunity to make significant improvements to an area with a distinctive character, and to create a model for future transformations of public spaces in major regeneration areas such as Elephant and Castle. This project is to be in fulfilment of a section 106 agreement reached with the London Borough of Southwark.

Scope of project

The scope of the project is design for the public realm. It includes any of the materials and objects within the public realm such as the street and pavement surfaces, thresholds, lighting, planting, signage, local spatial reconfiguration, seating, landscaping, rubbish bins, cycle racks, recycling etc.

Consideration should be given to the range of different conditions that border the street today and the quality of these as they have a big visual impact e.g. fences, barriers, the railway arch, large residential frontages to blocks, frontages to terraces, entrances to business, vehicular access routes etc. Proposed solutions may include traffic calming and management.

Winning design and shortlist

dallaspierce+quintero has been selected as the winner of the design competition. The winning design, along with shortlist and further information about the competition can be viewed here.

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