Real Architecture: Renzo Piano, RPBW, presents New York Times Building, New York

15 April 2008

  • Courtesy Jack Goffe.
  • Renzo Piano and Jonathan Glancey. Courtesy Jack Goffe.

It's been hailed as New York City's best skyscraper in 40 years and its architect is a heavyweight of building design with a CV that includes the design of the Pompidou Centre to masterplanning the rebuild of the Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. The recently completed New York Times Building is heralded as being beautifully subtle and lacking in ego; a reflection, the architect claims, of the paper it houses.

Piano addressed the issues of building skyscrapers in a post 9/11 city and the architectural, spatial needs of an organisation that is, by nature, 24 hour and high octane.

Chaired by Jonathan Glancey, Architecture Critic, The Guardian.

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