Closet Gallery

29 August - 13 September 2008

How are current laws influencing the design of new housing? Are different architectural styles being encouraged or prohibited? In the last two years, the UK housebuilding industry has been inundated with new codes, regulations, guidance and legislation. As a result, the estimated 3 million new homes needed within the next 12 years will be more sustainable, more accessible, and more regulated than ever before. Taken together, this new body of regulations could unwittingly influence the form of 21st century residential architecture as much, if not more so, than modernist manifestos did at the beginning of the 20th century. The Rule of Regulations pits Le Corbusier's five points of modern architecture against five pieces of current housing legislation to ask whether a new vernacular is being created, and how Le Corbusier's iconic Maison Citrohan would look if built today.

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Curated by Finn Williams and David Knight.

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