Hairywood in Covent Garden

20 June - 20 July 2008

The award-winning installation by 6a Architects and Eley Kishimoto, originally built for the launch of the AF's Yard Gallery in 2005, was reconstructed in Covent Garden piazza to celebrate the London Festival of Architecture 2008.

Hairywood, a 6.3 meter high urban summer house, was inspired by Rapunzel and Jacques Tati. A model of the installation was on display in the Somerset House exhibition Skin+Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture. On the 15th May, at the Lecture Theatre of Somerset House, Mark Eley (Eley Kishimoto), Tom Emerson (6a Architects) and Elias Redstone (Architecture Foundation) discussed the installation in a talk chaired by Masoud Golsorkhi, editor of Tank Magazine.


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