Debate London: Is London a United City?

22 June 2007

London was booming. It was growing in population and wealth. Property prices were vertiginous. The results could be seen in shining new developments and towers, and a skyline full of cranes. But who gained the most? Were we creating a city of haves and have-nots; affluence and deprivation; of prosperous home-owners and eternal renters? How could regeneration - in the Olympic area, the Thames Gateway and all over London - truly benefit communities of all backgrounds and incomes?

Speakers included: Hardeep Singh KohliBoris JohnsonNeal Lawson, Lynsey HanleyIvan MassowTony TraversEmma PetersNigel CoatesOliver Marc HartwichSaskia SassenAlex De Rijke and Danny Sriskandarajah.