Debate London

What will life be like in 2012? The Architecture Foundation invites all Londoners to joining leading voices from architecture, design, business, culture and politics to debate what kind of city they want to live in.

London is changing rapidly. New planning policies encourage iconic skyscrapers, tens of thousands of new homes and increased density. The level of change and hysteria around London will be the focus of history books in years to come. Being in London at such a turning point raises a number of questions: Who is truly benefiting from the growth of London? What kind of buildings and public spaces do Londoners really want? Can a big and booming city like London still be green? Is there a point at which growth can lead only to congestion and damage?

A decade after The Architecture Foundation's seminal and highly influential London in the 21st Centruy Debates, these issues and more were deliberated at Debate London, a long weekend of highly topical public debates in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern led by The Architecture Foundation. The debates raised issues about the future of London's physical and social environment at a time of rapid and dramatic change and considered what life would be like for Londoners in the years leading up to and beyond 2012. Involving leading figures from the worlds of architecture and design, business, culture, media and politics as well as the general public, this was an opportunity for all Londoners to debate what kind of city they want to live in.


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