Best in Show

18 August - 2 September

Best In Show featured ten graduate projects by London architecture students that consider communication and presentation as an integral part of the archtiectural research and design process.

They focus on the extension of the design process towards the demands of visualisation and presentation, the communication of the project with the audience and addressing the friction between fiction and reality.

The projects are selected and curated by Judith Van Ingen and Pieternel Vermoortel, graduating curatorial students from Goldsmith's College.

Projects by Maximilian Beckenbauer (AA), Toby Carr (Bartlett), Aleks Catina (RCA), Paul David Clarke (RCA), Sebastian de la Cour (Bartlett), Tomas Klassnik (RCA), Ian Laurence & Karl Normanton (Bartlett), Cynthia Leung (Bartlett), Joerg Majer (Bartlett), and Zhe Zhou (Greenwich University).

Thank you to Andrea Phillips.