New Architects 2

12 September - 28 October 2001

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  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
  • Gregory Philips Architects

Coinciding with the Architecture Foundation's forthcoming book, 'New Architects 2', this exhibition revealed the latest up-and-coming architectural talent in Britain. Featuring many award winning practices, each of the 67 architects contributed one suitcase displaying elements of their work in visuals, models, peep-show and pop-ups.

Architects selected for the Architecture Foundation's publication and exhibition New Architects 2, were joined by key thinkers and commentators to raise debate on four challenges facing contemporary urban cities - Globalisation, Expansion, Access and Greening - to assess what opportunities these present to young British architects.

Expansion debated the various means to accommodate a burgeoning population and economy. Notions of density proximity and regeneration were considered.

Globalisation focused on the impacts of the inevitable and intended move towards globalism.

Access examined a variety of consideration for change in the creation of an accessible city.

Greening looked at the ways to incorporate sustainability, climate change and waster in the urban space in the future.

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