Talks into 2000

Living in the city from the 50s to the 00s, described through six open debates.

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A series of open debates, on the occasion of Architecture Week, exploring the impacts of each decade from the fifties to the millennium.

Event contributors included:

- 1950s: Colin St John Wilson, Lucienne Day, Jonathan Meades, Julyan Wickham

- 1960s: Jonathon Green, Nell Dunn, Patrick Hodgkinson

- 1970s: Neave Brown, Ben Kelly, Katherine Whitehorn

- 1980s: Rowan Moore (chair), Suzanne Moore, Piers Gough, Richard Deacon

- 1990s: Rowan Moore (chair), Adam Caruso, Biyi Bandele, Beeban Kidron

- 2000s: Oliver Salway, Miranda Sawyer, Thomas Heatherwick

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