Hammersmith & Fulham Roadshow

March - May 1998

  • The Hammersmith & Fulham Roadshow
  • Great West Road by Andrew Holmes Architects
  • Riverside Walk by Ian Barnes Architects
  • Eel Brook Common by Hudson Featherstone Architects
  • Wandsworth Common by Dan Cullinan Architect
  • Market Stall by Jeff Kahane Architects
  • Hamersmith Flyover by Tim Ronalds Architects
  • Gwendr Gardens by Alison Brookes Architects
  • Kilometre Park by John Lyall Architects
  • Consultation process

The Architecture Foundation Roadshow offered local people an opportunity to improve their neighbourhood.

In Hammersmith and Fulham, The Architecture Foundation worked with the Local Authority and local community to propose improvements to nine public spaces across the Borough. These included: the underside of Hammersmith flyover, the A4 pedestrian underpasses, the Riverside walk, Gwendwr Gardens, the entrance to Eel Brook Common, Wormwood Scrubs, College Park, North End Road Market and Lillie Road.

Public workshops were held throughout March 1998 - local people were encouraged to present their ideas for the future of each site. Consequently, the brief was formed for the design teams. Also, nine primary schools took part in an educational programme and contributed ideas for a design of a new Lyric Square in Hammersmith. Internationally renowned design teams were then selected to work on each site in collaboration with the local community and school children.

An exhibition presenting their work was held from 8 - 26 May 1998.

Contributors included:

Alison Brooks Architects, Andrew Holmes, John Lyall, Robert Ian Barnes Architects, Dominic Cullinan Architects, Tim Ronalds Architects, Jeff Kahane & Associates, Hudson Featherstone Architects, and Charles Barclay Architects.