The Architecture Foundation Roadshows

February 1998 - July 1999

The Roadshow project was a programme of public participation that toured three London Boroughs from 1998-2000, focussing on sites in need of regeneration. These ranged from public open spaces, forgotten and neglected areas, to pedestrian connections linking town centres with natural resources and the design of new amenities and infrastructure.

Working with residents, school children, architects, and local authority officers, The Architecture Foundation acted as an independent broker staging education programmes, arts projects and public exhibitions in each borough. The results were design proposals that the Local Authorities committed themselves to finding funding for and implementing.

Following the launch of the pilot in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (February - May 1998), the Roadshow project visited Tower Hamlets (October 1998 - January 1999) and Newham (April - July 1999). The work in Newham led to The Architecture Foundation working in partnership with the West Ham and Plaistow New Deal for Communities (NDC). The Architecture Foundation developed the roadshow model to suit the NDC programme, working with both children and adults to produce a 'Shared Vision' document that set out the communities' aspirations for the future.

The Roadshow Beacon was a public structure which enabled people to record and broadcast their views on the local environment, it also worked as an advertising board for the Roadshow events. Designed by de Rijke Marsh Morgan, the Beacon consisted of a set of four BT payphones, topped by a video wall and supported by a scaffolding structure. People would enter the Beacon, pick up the receiver and leave a two-minute video message on an issue of their choice. The Beacon contained instructions of use as well as examples of issues relevant to the local environment and information about the Roadshow programme. The messages were edited before being broadcasted on the video wall above.  Around 1,000 people used the Beacon in each borough.