Cedric Price: Magnet

18 April - 8 June 1997

  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
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  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
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  • Magnet Seven: Arch, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock
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  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation

Magnet was Cedric Price's latest project. It proposed ten short life structures for cities which would provide public amenities and stimulate new patterns of public movement. Demonstrating his ideas of 'anticipatory architecture,' the Magnets were designed as temporary, mobile, structural adjustments to the public realm.

The Magnets included Stairways, Promenade, Arcade and Pier. They would improve access, allow better views of the urban landscape and create new public spaces as well as increasing the use of existing spaces. The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation was designed by Price and afforded the first opportunity to look at his drawings and to guess at the possibilities that the Magnets might have provided.

The full catalogue is available to view and download at the Resources tab. 

Supported by

The Arts Council of England
The Canadian Centre for Architecture
HC Slingsby
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