London Interactive: Moving London

1 May 1999 - 31 March 2000

  • Morphing London
  • Morphing London
  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation

As part of London Interactive, Moving London - the third layer,  explored current and proposed projects for all modes of transport in the British capital and examined the influence that transport has on London's planning, development and architecture. It also investigated the way in which transport affects our everyday lives.

Moving London mapped out the current provision of transport and allowed comparisons to be made between present and future developments of routes and their integration within the city, demonstrating how transport can affect the morphology of the city. The system attempted to challenge viewers' preconceptions about the effects of transport provision on mobility around the capital and revealed some surprising facts.

Developed by The Architecture Foundation in collaboration with Hayes Davidson, The system was conceived and created by Hayes Davidson using their 'eCity' digital London system. It was launched at the BFI London IMAX Cinema in September 2000 and was on display at the London Transport Museum's 'Fast Forward' exhibition and at The Architecture Foundation Gallery

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