Public Views 1: Works, Collaboration & Papers on Architecture

14 - 23 July 1995

Works, Collaborations Papers on Architecture showcased a selection of architectural projects (drawings, photographs and models) from a group of like-minded architects (see below) amongst whom conversation and collaboration was essential to their practice. The group's work included a proposal for a teachers' collective and the writing of "Papers on Architecture" (first issue October 1995). Working independently and collectively, the group constituted an informal school of thought, with a mode of working which continues to play an important role in the development of contemporary architectural theory and practice in the UK. 

"The group came together out of the will to show that strong minded individuals with established practices could find a way to work together for the common interest, and that collectivity had positive benefits which were appropriate to the times in which we find ourselves. Our work so far has involved the writing of 'Papers on Architecture' the first issue of which is due in October, a proposal for a teachers' collective, and the curating ofthis exhibition which concentrates on showing both the individuality of our practices, yet how much this has been reliant on a quiet and extensive background of collaboration and muual help."
- Tony Fretton 

Practitioners showcased included:

Tony Fretton
Jonathan Woolf
Jonathan Sergison
Stephen Bates
Irenee Scalbert
Juan Salgado
Mark Pimlott
Diana Periton
Ferruccio Izzo
Roz Diamond
Adam Caruso
David Adjaye