Jubilee Line Takes Shape: A Public Preview of Station Architecture

22 October 1992 - 24 January 1993

  • North Greenwich Station by Will Alsop
  • Model of Canary Wharf Station
  • Exhibition interior view
  • Painting impression of Southwark Station
  • Stratford Market Depot
  • Computer Model
  • Model of platform safety barrier design
  • CGI of Southwark Station foyer
  • Built Model Display in West Ham
  • Computer model of underground structures

Whilst the Jubilee Line Extension Project was awaiting a decision by the Government to build, this exhibition offered a rare, public preview of the station architecture. The exhibition “Jubilee Line Takes Shape” included projects for 11 new stations, a depot and control centre. The all-new, £1.8bn, 10 mile long Underground line was the most important addition to London’s rail system since the opening of the Victoria Line almost a quarter of a century previously.

The designs caught the public imagination, from Will Alsop’s cavernous blue box at North Greenwich to Chris Wilkinson’s 100 meter wide, arched roofed Stratford Market Depot. The exhibition featured models, drawings, computer sequences and full-scale mock-ups of the collection as a work in progress. The success of the exhibition reinforced popular and political support for the project.

Jubilee Line Takes Shape

In association with

London Underground Limited