Scaffold Episode 64: Carla Juaçaba

Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba discusses the influence of theatre and scenography on her work in episode 64 of Scaffold

Carla Juacaba is a Brazilian architect based in London. Over the past two decades Juaçaba has made a name for herself with a slew of elegant residential projects in Brasil. Her practice drew international recognition for her Humanidade Pavilion Rio 2012 – a mssive temporary structure for a United Nations-organized conference on sustainable development, which consisted primarily of recycled scaffolding.

“I’m compelled by theatre for its impermanence, that things end, in a way that it’s not even possible to record; it’s very fascinating to see things dissipating, then that’s it. When I worked in exhibition design I was already fascinated by how despite this temporary effect, ideas live on in our minds forever - architecture can be temporary but it remains a part of our imaginary world.”




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