Scaffold Episode 37: David Leech

This week's Scaffold Podcast is an interview with London-based architect, David Leech.

This week's Scaffold Podcast is an interview with London-based architect, David Leech.

"I don’t have ‘big ideas’ [in my work] - and if I do, I do everything I can to undermine them. I do not want a project to be read in one sentence, or understood in one sentence […] we don’t judge anything else like that - people are much more complex, and I think buildings are much more complex.”

House in a Garden, Dublin, Ireland. David Leech Architects (2017)

David Leech

After 13 years working in several European offices, including Herzog de Meuron, Caruso St John architects and 6a architects in London, and dePaor architects and Grafton architects in Dublin, David established David Leech Architects in 2016. The practice has recently completed its first built projects; a conservatory room and a house in a garden in Dublin. The studio has been awarded several prizes for its first works, including the Architecture Association of Ireland Award 2018, the World Architecture Festival House of the Year 2018, the Architects Journal Small Project of the year Award 2019, the American Institute of Architects UK Young Architect 2019 and an Arts Council Bursary grant.

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