Scaffold Episode 36: Andrew Clancy

This week's Scaffold Podcast is an interview with director of the Dublin-based practice Clancy Moore, Andrew Clancy.

This week's Scaffold Podcast is an interview with director of the Dublin-based practice Clancy Moore, and Professor of Architecture at the Kingston School of Art, Andrew Clancy.

"There isn’t an Irish style, and I don’t really think there is an Irish tectonic, but there is a space for a particular type of plural conversation in Ireland - one that uses multiple engagements with the history of architecture that comes from our slightly marginal location […] It allows architects to act with territorial intent, with great sincerity, and with no attempt at cynicism or anything like that […] I think that as the world moves to being one where people do more and more work on fabric and less and less monument, and there’s more and more contingencies and we’re more aware of the world, that kind of curiosity and that sincerity is useful right now.”

Red Pavilion, London Festival of Architecture. Clancy Moore Architects (2015)

Andrew Clancy

Andrew was educated at University College Dublin and graduating in 2001. After gaining professional experience with Paul Berkemeier, Tom dePaor and Shay Cleary, he established Clancy Moore Architects with Colm Moore in 2007. The practice is concerned with developing its architecture from an in depth conversation with the people, sites and materials they work with. The completed buildings have been recognised with domestic and international awards, winning the Downes Medal in 2012, the Kevin Kieran Award for practice based research in 2013, and the BD Young Architect of the Year Award in 2018. They are working on a wide range of projects at present, including a major infrastructural scheme, cultural spaces and residential works.He is Professor of Architecture at Kingston School of Art.  

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