Antepavilion 2019 FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the 2019 Antepavilion commission

Q: Is there a height limit?

A: No

Q: Does the platform currently on the roof need to stay?

A: No. This platform was made to support the Flood House principally by transferring its load into the walls on either side of the warehouse. Entrants are free to propose removing the platform entirely and devising a new load-bearing structure or retaining the platform as part of their proposal.

Q: Should we submit a detail cost breakdown?

A: Buildability is a crucial aspect which the jury will consider. However, it is not necessary to submit a detailed schedule of works or cost breakdown in the initial entry stage. 

Q: Can the proposed structure cantilever beyond the edge of the building?

A: Teams are welcome to propose a cantilever. To the north, there is a small amount of unused land which is part of the site which can be projected over. Any projection to the east or west, however, will enter the realm of the canal or street and would require permissions from the relevant authorities. Teams are advised to be mindful of the buildability and cost implications of any cantilevering submissions.

Q: What workshop facilities are available on site?

A: There are some workshop facilities and space for fabrication on site which teams may propose using as part of their fabrication strategy. It is not necessary to provide a detailed schedule of the fabrication strategy at the initial entry stage. Shortlisted teams will be able to discuss their fabrication plans with the team who run Columbia and Brunswick Wharf and discuss the potential of using the fabrication facilities on site.

Q: Can we submit more than two A3 boards?

A: No.

Q: Can teams submit more than one entry?

A: Yes. All entries are judged anonymously so the jury will not know how many submissions a team has made. Each entry should be uploaded separately using the entry form.

Q: Are entries from outside the UK allowed?

A: Yes. Please be mindful that we cannot fund travel for shortlisted teams.