MONEY TALKS: The AF launches a new three-part investigation

The AF is pleased to announce the launch of  ‘Culture and Commerce: Designs for a Different City – a new series of evening salons exploring whether design thinking and new strategies can re-route the ongoing elision of commerce and culture, and its impact on the city.

Launched in part in response to the controversy surrounding the removal of the skate park from the Southbank undercroft, the three-part series will ask what measures can we take to preserve the city as an affordable site for living, experimentation and cultural production.

Event 1: MONEY TALKS: Can we (re)design economic systems to preserve the city as a site of experimentation?
Monday 9 September, 7pm

What if Shenzhen came to Soho? Can we develop measures to maintain the capital as an affordable place to live, work and experiment? Can the logic of markets be re-routed to help create an economic platform for alternative businesses? How can we make permanent the spirit of 'meanwhile' projects?

Panel includes: Andrew Merrit and Paul Smyth, Something & Son and Josh Ryan-Collins, Brixton Pound / New Economics Foundation. 

Event 2: APPROPRIATE MEASURES: Can established planning and preservation measures be adopted to protect more radical forms of culture?
Wednesday 11 September, 7pm

Can the Southbank Skatepark be saved by registering it as a Village Green? Can the London Pub be preserved through a lobby for it to qualify for UNESCO World Heritage status? An exploration of the creative legal loopholes that might be employed to stall the city's mall-ification.

Panel includes: Simon Ricketts, Partner, SJ Berwin; David KnightDesigner and Educator, DKCM; Catherine CroftDirector, 20th Century Society; and Iain Borden, Professor of Architecture and Urban Culture, Bartlett School of Architecture.

Event 3: IF I HAD A HAMMER... OUR DIY FUTURE: Are cohousing and self-build the answers to our domestic woes?
Wednesday 18 September, 7pm

Can't afford to get on the property ladder? Perhaps building your own future is the way forward. As rental and property prices escalate ever skywards, the government, like minded individuals, and even a few developers are trying to turn on its head the way the UK thinks about housing, by making its planning, construction and inhabitation a more participatory activity.

Panel includes: Paul Chatterton, Founding Member and Secretary, LILAC, Leeds; Leading Representative, HAB Housing

TICKETS FOR ALL EVENTS ARE NOW ON SALE - Full price: £3 / Free for AF members: please email to secure your place (tickets will be issued on a first come first serve basis).  All talks take place at The Architecture Foundation.

Supported by Brian Clarke Studio.

Image: The Brixton Pound