Announcing a Two Day Exploration of the Mosque in the West

Public Presentation:
Weds 15 Sept 2010 7.00pm

The AF is excited to reveal details of a two part investigation into the spatial and social role of faith buildings in the urban fabric of the "Western" world. With particular focus upon the social and spatial role of the mosque, the symposium brings an international array of speakers to the UK to take a keen look at the vital questions raised by the banning of minarets in Switzerland and US outrage at proposals for Park51 - or the 'Ground Zero Mosque'. An exploration of the place of religious and minority identity within the cities of Europe and the USA, and the role architecture and design can take in negotiating this territory today.

Featuring a keynote lecture from Park51's designer, Michel Abboud, SOMA

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Image: The Polder Mosque, courtesy Ergün Erkoçu / Concept 0031





















Image: Haus W, courtesy KrausSchoenberg