Update: Second Life creator Philip Rosedale to speak with Winy Mass, MVDRV, for the John Edwards Lecture

The AF is delighted to announce the full line up for the 2010 John Edwards Lecture, with the confirmation of Second Life creator Philip Rosedale as Winy Mass' co-speaker at the event. Responsible for arguably the closest realisation humankind has yet acheived to the virtual worlds of science fiction, Rosedale will be on stage at Tate Modern in discussion with Maas, co-founder and director of the highly acclaimed Dutch architectural practice MVRDV - responsible themself for some of the most influential and playful research into future cities and the role of data and technology within them. A unique live conversation and meeting of minds, chaired by writer and editor Shumon Basar.

Taking a wide-ranging perspective on designing for and living in the future, the discussion will explore the proximity of built and virtual environments, ideologies, social systems and visions of the future, in a dialogue exploring architecture from the microchip to the masterplan, and more.

The John Edwards lecture is an annual dialogue presenting leading international architects in conversation with influential figures from other disciplines, from artists and filmmakers to writers and philosophers.

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Image: Second Life, courtesy Linden Lab