The Oikos Project: tickets on sale for two special productions in The Jellyfish Theatre

The Red Room, in partnership with The Architecture Foundation, and led by artist Martin Kaltwasser, have been building The Jellyfish Theatre: a new venue made entirely from salvaged materials. Nearing completion The Red Room now announce the premieres of two environmentally-themed plays in The Jellyfish Theatre.

OIKOS by Simon Wu
26 August - 18 September

Salil, a highly successful businessman, has it all worked out: career, family, river-view des-res in Chiswick and a mistress. So why is he increasingly haunted by ghosts from the Old Country? When the Thames bursts its banks, the very foundations of his perfect life are threatened and Salil is forced to look to both his future and his past for redemption.

Mon - Sat 8pm (Matinees at 3pm on 11, 15 & 18 September)

PROTOZOA by Kay Adshead
23 September - 9 October

In a world fractured by disaster, the government asserts a new oppressive police state. Cordelia, a successful property developer, and Sheann, a single mother, are poles apart, but now they form an unlikely alliance. Can they find enough strength to build an alternative society and does the mysterious colony of river women on the other bank hold the key?

Recommended for age 15+

Find out more about the plays and see how the build of The Jellyfish Theatre is progressing at

Monday - Saturday 8pm (Matinees at 3pm on 2, 6 & 9 October)


+44(0)8444 77 1000 /Ticketweb


The Jellyfish Theatre
Marlborough Playground, Union Street, London SE1 1LB

Photo courtesy Maja Myslaborska