Southwark Lido Book On Sale

A book to celebrate the Southwark Lido that appeared on Union Street last summer is now on sale. The Architecture Foundation commissioned the Southwark Lido from EXYZT and Sara Muzio as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2008.

Following in the tradition of Roman baths and Turkish hammams, which provided a setting for social gathering, ritual cleansing and uninhibited political discussions, the Southwark Lido hosted a variety of activities in an unusual, architecturally innovative environment. Curated by The Architecture Foundation, the Lido provided bathing and breathing space for the general public, residents of Southwark and visitors to London Festival of Architecture (LFA2008) alike. Within a futuristic low-tech complex, visitors of all ages enjoyed the refreshing spray of the water deck, and sweated it out in a purpose-built sauna.

The Southwark Lido expressed EXYZT's strategy of urban renewal, based on the idea that a community of users actively creating and inhabiting their urban environment is key to generating a vibrant city. This project explored the potential of using a site in transition from empty lot to new residential and office buildings, generously lent by Solidspace, to create a vibrant point of community and cultural engagement during its transformation. The run-up to its installation saw the organisers forming links with the local community and specific groups, providing them with a new place to hold events and share their work.

To order a copy of the Southwark Lido book please call the AF on 020 7084 6767

Books are priced at £10 + P&P


Other stockists include:

AA Bookshop, Koenig Books at the Serpentine Gallery, The Building Centre