Meet the new Young Trustees

Six new appointments have been made to the Architecture Foundation's board of Young Trustees

The Architecture Foundation's board of Young Trustees has been joined by six new members, following a recent open call for applicants.

Mich Rossiter

Mich is an architectural designer and writer based in and around London. His work centres on urbanism, the architecture of healing and empowerment and the potential for language to be used to incite radical design action in response to the multi-crises facing our natural and built environments. Having graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2021, Mich has been writing, moving and working on personal projects before starting as a Design Intern at BCG in London.

Will Barker

Will is currently working as an architectural assistant at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, following his graduation from the University of Sheffield, studying a dual honours degree of Structural Engineering and Architecture. Whilst at University and during his time at SWA, Will has sought to extend the discourse surrounding built environment professions using a mix of digital and physical mediums. His work is grounded in the belief that we have a role as practitioners to support others to exercise agency in the world around them, be that inspiring future professionals to change policies and practice or encouraging people to be active in their local constituency to shape space around them.

Harriet Jennings

Harriet is a public programme curator, writer, and editor interested in connecting people with the ideas, materials, and powers that shape the built environment. At the Building Centre, London, she recently co-curated the Shaping Space - Architectural Models Revealed exhibition and event series, helped found the schools and education programme, and worked to bring the 2021 British Pavilion - The Garden of Privatised Delights - from the Venice Biennale to London.

 Jordan Whitewood-Neal

Jordan is an MRes Architectural Research student at the School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering, University of Brighton. His research focuses on the potential relationship between disabled domesticity and the spaces of architectural institutions in questioning the methodologies and rhetoric of inclusion and care in architectural education. This research draws from historical examples of disability centred architectural pedagogy at the Architectural Association. He has held a Teaching Development Fellowship at the London School of Architecture and is also developing work on the relationship between disability and cultural infrastructure. 

Bareera Borhan

Bareera graduated from Central St Martins, UAL in 2020, during which she developed an interest in people focused architecture and co-design. She has worked on various engagement schemes including the award winning ‘Peoples Pavilion’ project. She is currently working as a Part I architect at David Chipperfield Architects.

Bareera thinks it is imperative that as designers we take an active approach to dismantling the inequitable systems of power and control that have been set up by our own industry. She is passionate about encouraging positive action by celebrating the existing culture and encouraging an intensification of that through spaces of dialogue.

Adara Wicaksono

Adara is a recent Part II graduate of the London School of Architecture and a Churchill Fellow undertaking research on intergenerational living throughout the world. After completing her Bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College, USA, Adara gained a wide range of experience in London's built environment industry working at Jestico + Whiles and The Townscape Consultancy. She has also worked at practices in Paris, France, and in her hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia. Adara believes in exploring architecture through multi-disciplinary collaboration and is passionate about making the architecture profession accessible to everyone, with more inclusive community engagement.