Architects are a controversial bunch. Each new theory is heralded by a slogan that advertises its difference from what went before, piling complexity upon confusion. In the recently published collection of very short essays – or poems as he thinks of them - Paul Shepheard investigates the flurries of meaning that the slogans invoke. Slogans and Battlecries is the sixth book by renowned architectural writer and teacher Paul Shepheard, continuing his witty and eclectic investigations into the relationships between everyday life, the human imagination, and the natural world. It is the first book in the paperback series Reflection in Action published by Canalside Press, which is devoted to the poetic and philosophical writings of architects and artists.


This conversation formed part of the Architecture Foundation's Book Week 2020, which ran from 23-27 November 2020, and included nightly talks from the authors of 2020’s best architecture books. The ten-part series was the first instance of a festival that the Architecture Foundation will stage bi-annually, and all talks are available to rewatch on our Youtube Channel.

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