What forces prevent architects from empowering ourselves to be more relevant and better rewarded? How can these forces be set aside by new narratives, new organizations and new methods of production? How can we sit at the decision-making table to combat short-term real estate interests for longer-term social and ethical value? How can we pull architecture—its conceptualization, its pedagogy, and its enactment—into the 21st century without succumbing to its neoliberal paradigm? Members of UVW-SAW, the newly-formed grassroots trade union for architectural workers in the U.K., chair a conversation with Peggy DeamerProfessor Emerita of Yale University’s School of Architecture and author of Architecture and Labor, to address these questions.


This conversation formed part of the Architecture Foundation's Book Week 2020, which ran from 23-27 November 2020, and included nightly talks from the authors of 2020’s best architecture books. The ten-part series was the first instance of a festival that the Architecture Foundation will stage bi-annually, and all talks are available to rewatch on our Youtube Channel.

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