David Ogunmuyiwa presents the second episode of AF turns 30, a new weekly series by the Architecture Foundation, looking back at the last 30 years of architectural history.

A stone’s throw from the Boundary Estate, one of London’s earliest social housing schemes, lies Chance Street in Shoreditch. Lured by the availability of properties to support both residential and studio use, a number of prominent ‘young British artists’ moved here in the 1990s. The street has since generated a considerable architectural legacy, with David Adjaye’s Dirty House designed for artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster in 2002, Stephen Taylor’s terrace houses replacing a former print factory in 2007, and most recently 6a’s restoration of the corner block in 2018. Speaking to Adjaye, Taylor and Steph Macdonald and Tom Emerson of 6a, David Ogunmuyiwa asks how the projects are connected by their context. 

David Ogunmuyiwa is founder of ArchitectureDoingPlace. He combines practice with teaching architecture at Portsmouth University and is a Mayor’s Design Advocate.


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