Building Tour: Alex Monroe Workshop, DSDHA


02:00pm, Saturday, 16 September 2017


04:15pm, Saturday, 16 September 2017

Tour Times

Tour 1: 2-3pm
Tour 2: 3.15-4.15pm


42 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 4TR



This is a past event

Despite the huge pressure on London’s creative industries, for the past 30 years Alex Monroe has been consistently designing and hand-making jewellery in the very heart of the city; building a reputation that spans the world. Having completed the award-winning Alex Monroe Snowsfields Studio and Boutique in 2012, DSDHA was appointed to design a second building for the jeweller to accommodate his burgeoning business. The commission resulted in the Alex Monroe Workshop on Tower Bridge Road in the same neighbourhood.

Located between a pub and a shop, this narrow new-build infill presents an enigmatic and finely crafted storefront. Its bespoke weathered steel external skin responds to the eclectic brick architecture of the neighbourhood, whilst announcing the building’s function as neither retail nor residential. Its materiality hints at a world of creativity and artistry; it marks the presence of a type of craft that, although at risk of disappearing, is now more than ever central to our city’s cultural and economical well-being and as such deserves recognition.

Join David Hills, Director, DSDHA for an exclusive tour of Alex Monroe Workshop. 

Image credit: Luca Miserocchi