Architecture Foundation Members' Tour of Culham Chapel

Craig Hamilton will lead tour of the chapel built on the Culham Court estate near Henley


11:30am, Saturday, 3 September 2016


01:00pm, Saturday, 3 September 2016



This is a past event

Designed by Craig Hamilton Architects, Culham Chapel occupies a site overlooking the Thames on a private estate outside Henley. Eight years in the making, the building conceals a highly ornamented interior within a chaste shell of portland stone and flint.  This is a gesamtkunstwerk without recent parallel: every detail - down to the scale of the bronze door handles - has been designed by the architect. Incorporating a crypt and two side chapels, the building serves the workers on the Culham Court esate and is open to the wider public on one Sunday of each month. It was consectrated at the end of last year but a highly amitious sculptural programme being delivered by Alexander Stoddart is expected to take a further decade to realise fully. Led by Craig Hamilton, the tour offers Architecture Foundation members an opportunity to visit one of the most richly conceived works of architecture - classical or otherwise - built in Britain in the past century.

NOTE: To secure access to the Culham Court Estate, attendees will need to provide their vehicle registration number in advance to