Architecture on Stage: Yasmeen Lari

We are joined by Pakistan’s first female architect, who will present her work at the intersection of architecture and social justice.


07:00pm, Monday, 9 March 2020


09:00pm, Monday, 9 March 2020

This is a past event

Termed 'Barefoot Social Architecture' (BASA) in reference to the number of people on the planet who are forced to walk without shoes, Lari’s work provides social and ecological justice to marginalized communities. It incorporates environmental, cultural and technical dimensions for bringing about social change, encouraging a transformation of mindsets from a cycle of dependency to a culture of pride and self-reliance.

BASA employs participatory methods rooted in low cost/zero carbon/zero waste strategies, with forms and techniques drawn from heritage and using local sustainable materials. By maximizing the barefoot ecosystem, its eco-enterprises help protect the resources of the planet, at the same time providing an impetus to local economic regeneration for the benefit of those living at the bottom of the pyramid.


Architecture on Stage is a programme of talks and debates curated by The Architecture Foundation in partnership with the Barbican Centre