AFYN present Life (not quite) Outside Architecture: #3 Academia

Join the Architecture Foundation's Young Trustees for the third event in their new six-part series exploring disciplines outside traditional architectural practice


06:30pm, Wednesday, 21 April 2021


07:30pm, Wednesday, 21 April 2021

All talks are free and accessible to everyone, but for security reasons, we do require attendees to have a registered Zoom account.

All times are stated in UK time (GMT)


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Are you stuck in an architecture vacuum? Do all your friends wear black turtlenecks and share endless Dank Lloyd Wright memes? 

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, then you've come to the right place. Over the next few months, the AF Young Trustees are hosting a collection of divergent voices, from disciplines covering public sector, community, development, curation, journalism, academia and more - all the speakers have one thing in common; they all started out studying architecture. 

The seemingly predetermined marathon towards obtaining the coveted architect title sends people down a path which rarely leaves an opportunity to pause and question the direction it takes them. This series brings together those voices that at some point questioned their destination and applied their skills in a different environment.

In the third event, we talk to Nana Biamah-Ofosu, an architect, researcher, writer and co-founder of Studio Nyali, Helena Howard, an architect with a research interest in colour and light, and Anna Mill, a designer, artist and published author with a background in architecture, to explore what happens when you step inside the hallowed halls of academia. We will ask them what drives their research practice, what they do in their current role, and their top tips for breaking into the world of research and teaching. Is it really all about being “good” at architecture, and about who you know? Or is it about finding value in the things that matter to you?

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Nana Biamah-Ofosu is an architect, researcher and writer practising in London, U.K. She combines practice with teaching at the Department of Architecture and Landscape at Kingston School of Art and The Architectural Association School of Architecture. Nana is a co-founder of Studio Nyali, a design research partnership with Bushra Mohamed, currently researching the compound house as a common typology on the African continent. Nana is a graduate of the New Architecture Writers (N.A.W) programme and her writing has been published in the U.K architectural press as well as internationally as a finalist for the Berkeley Prize.

Helena Howard studied architecture at Oxford Brookes and UCL, and is now a qualified architect at Hawkins\Brown where she has worked on the design of healthcare buildings, universities, office spaces and laboratories. She is also undertaking long-running research for the practice, looking primarily at the use of colour and light in the built environment, and the joyful vitality it can bring to the urban realm, as well as its possibilities for improving accessibility and wellbeing.

Helena is also a third year design tutor at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, where she has been teaching for three years. 

Anna Mill is a designer, artist and author with a background in architecture. She works across the architecture and technology sectors, using drawing, storyboards and narrative to help interrogate and progress design ideas; from realisable architecture projects to far-future speculations. With co-author Luke Jones, Anna has produced short stories for the Architectural Review and the Architecture Foundation, as well as the award-winning graphic novel Square Eyes, which explores a near-future city that combines physical and digital realities. She has previously taught design at University of Nottingham and London Metropolitan University, and is currently teaching a course on comics and storyboarding at the Architectural Association.