Futures in the Making

4 October – 13 November 2013

  • Futures in the Making. Courtesy Max Creasy
  • Futures in the Making. Courtesy Max Creasy
  • Close up of 5-in-1 Multi-House by Adrienne Lau. Courtesy Max Creasy
  • Futures in the Making. Courtesy Max Creasy
  • Chang-Yeob Lee, The Synth[e]tech[e]cology Tower. Courtesy Chang-Yeob Lee
  • Adrienne Lau, (Dis)Assembly of Suburbia. Courtesy Adrienne Lau
  • Jack Hudspith, Socio-agrarianism. Courtesy Jack Hudspith

This Autumn The Architecture Foundation presents a group exhibition showcasing speculative architectural futures explored in the work of recent architecture graduates.

Grounded in a solid engagement with pressing global issues of social, economic and environmental change, featured projects present innovative and provocative forms of architectural exploration.  

From Burkina Faso to Florida, and from London to Beijing – a global range of case studies explore resourceful design solutions for retrofitting, adaptation and expanded modes of infrastructure. Featured projects range from spectacular pollution capturing façades and novel co-housing solutions from disassembled suburban housing to celebratory residential infrastructures in floodplains and innovative agrarian settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Futures in the Making aims to share and explore these new ideas for architecture and infrastructure by a rising generation of architectural talent, and use the projects as a point of departure for further debates about the future of architecture and the profession.

Housed in the AF Project Space, the exhibition showcases an AF curated selection of drawings, models and research from the final projects of selected postgraduate students from London architecture schools.

A public events programme will punctuate and expand the themes of the exhibition – asking questions about what’s next for a generation of recent architecture graduates, and exploring future avenues for architectural education in the UK.

Participants include:

Farah Aliza Badaruddin, From Cloud to Ground: Harnessing Lightning at Cape Canaveral (2013)

Max Hacke, Architecture as Collage (2013)

Jack Hudspith, Socio-agrarianism (2013)

Adrienne Lau, (Dis)assembly of suburbia (2013)

Chang-Yeob Lee, Synth[e]tech[e]cology – Greenhouse Gas to Economic Asset (2013)

Lulu Le Li, Hutong Architecture School Project (2013)

Satoru Nakanishi, Flood Night (2013)

The Three Ecologies

Thurs 17 October 2013, 7pm

An evening exploring the projects displayed in the Futures in the Making exhibition, in discussion with the participating graduates and respondents.

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Futures in the Making: The Three Ecologies

Tools of the Trade: Translating Crafts

Thurs 31 October 2013, 7pm

An evening with BlackGrout exploring future paths for recent architecture graduates.

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Futures in the Making: Tools of the Trade - Translating Crafts

Tools of the Trade: Building from Uncertainties

Tues 5 November 2013, 7pm

The AF and BlackGrout lead a discussion exploring alternative avenues for architectural education.

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Futures in the Making: Tools of the Trade – Building from Uncertainties

London School of Architecture Launch Event

Tues 12 November, 7pm

The London School of Architecture's first social event hosted in the AF Project Space.

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Futures in the Making: London School of Architecture Launch Event